Top 5 Items to clean before you move!

For any upcoming move it is essential to have your household items clean and ready for the movers prior to moving day. In this blog we recommend you have these 5 items cleaned and prepared for our professional movers. Make sure all unnecessary clutter is removed from the way of the movers to minimize the risk of accidents.

The top 5 items to clean are:

  1. Refrigerator

  2. Dishes

  3. Basement, Attic, Garage

  4. Planters

  5. Pathways

1.) Deep clean your Refrigerator

An appliance of this size is used on a daily basis but may not be cleaned on a regular basis so this is the perfect time to clean before relocating. Our advice is to check and empty the drip tray which is typically in the bottom of the fridge. Also now is a convenient time to clean and disinfect the shelves and dispose of any expired perishable foods.

Approximately 24 to 48 hours before the move, you will need to unplug your refrigerator to allow your freezer the necessary time to defrost. Once these steps have been followed your fridge and freezer are fully prepared for moving.

2.) Wash Your Dishes

Although this may seem like an obvious item to clean it is an important tip to take note of. Once you are getting settled into your new home and beginning the process of unpacking the last items of concern should be washing dishes and laundry.

The days coming up to the move you should try and use disposable paper plates or compostable cutlery, as opposed to glass and plastic items which need to be washed. All of the small chores add up when you’re short on time and this way you can focus on getting other essential items ready for packing.

3.) Prepare Your Basement, Attic, Garage

As previously mentioned above, moving is a perfect opportunity to clean and address areas of your home which may have been ignored during the hustle of daily life. From our own experiences many families pile various items in either their basement, attic or garage. Advice we give to our clients is to categorize their items into three sections” keep, trash, donate”.

The cleaning process for these three areas has benefits for both the home owner and the mover. As a large portion of items may either be trashed or donated this will leave you with not needing as many packing materials and less boxes for the movers to transport which may result in the move being completed ahead of schedule.

4.) Clean Your Planters

Many homeowners cherish their plants and garden space and you may be looking to transport them to your new location as well, so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

If you decide to take your planters and keep the plants in them be sure not to water them as this will increase the weight and may be more at risk of leaking while in the truck.

However if you decide to take your pots and window boxes but not your plants make sure to empty and clean them prior to moving day.

5.) Clean Your Pathways

A detail often overlooked but is a very important one. The movers need to have a clear pathway throughout the house and onto the truck. There can’t be any clutter or furniture along the pathways as this could result in an accident or cause injury to our movers.

It’s also advised to check the weather in your city for the moving day so you can be prepared as best you can and leave nothing to chance.

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