Making extra cash while you move!

From experience we have noticed customers throwing out a lot of their possessions. As they go through the process of packing they come across items that they don’t want to take with them to their new house. This makes for a quick load for the movers however extra cash can be made from these household items. There are a number of ways to do this such as, hosting a garage sale, list it on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or buy and sell Groups. These are effective ways of selling your unwanted items rather than having to pay for their disposal.

Organizing a Garage Sale:
Sort your stuff!
Once you’ve decided on your moving date you can begin to go through your items and decide whether to take or sell. This is a great way of getting rid of large items such as wardrobes or mattresses as they can be expensive to dispose of. This may be a time consuming process so as a rule of thumb, if the item hasn’t been used in a couple of months or years it’s time sell it. While you may come across items that have to be tossed the majority of your belongings can be sold. People will buy just about everything from electronics and clothing to furniture and trinkets.
Don’t get caught up on price!
It can be expected at garage sales that the customers will try and bargain you so try and not get too caught up on the price as the main objective is to get the items gone from your property. Once the day is done realistically you will have some goods leftover so make a plan for these. These could be donated to a local charity shop and whatever they don’t take, the rest could be dumped.
Facebook & Craigslist:
There are numerous ways to sell your unwanted items and through these two platforms you’re guaranteed to reach a wider audience. Through Facebook there are several Buy & Sell groups for the Bay Area. Here you can choose your price and upload a description of your goods. Similarly with Craigslist, items can be listed for sale and there’s also a free section too, so by listing unwanted items here, someone may contact you and take it away for you free of charge.