Steps to remember for unpacking!

Steps to follow to make unpacking safe and fun.

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Moving to a new house can be a stressful and daunting task but below we have suggested ideas and steps to follow that will make it an enjoyable experience for all involved. There is no reason fun shouldn’t be involved as this is the beginning of a new venture for you.

Floor Plan

Planning ahead and being organized will make things a lot easier as this part of the process can be a little overwhelming. We recommend drawing a floor plan and prearrange where your furniture and large items will go instead of making a decision on the spot which you might regret when the movers are in. Using sticky tape to mark out the area is a useful tip we have noticed our clients doing. While the movers take in the heavy furniture and know where to place it, you can be focusing on unpacking the boxes to save time.

Pack an overnight Bag

As unpacking can take a long time to complete, we recommend you take an overnight bag for your first night. This may include immediate access to clothing, pyjamas and toiletries. This means you will not have to be searching through endless boxes looking for a few items. Also if you are moving with your family it is advised you pack a bag for them too. We recommend packing a first aid kit as an accident could happen amidst all of the chaos.

Bring some first night Supplies

Take some first night treats and you will be able to enjoy these as you are unpacking throughout the day. On the first day of the move you will likely be too busy to cook so ordering a take-out could be a wise choice. View it as a reward for all your hard work.

Play the music that makes you Smile

Moving home can be fun if you allow it to be. This can be done by playing some upbeat music that will have you singing as you unpack the boxes. You could use the likes of Spotify, Pandora or even crank up the radio so the whole house can enjoy it.

Don’t forget to reward Yourself

Instead of viewing unpacking as an uphill battle you should reward yourself and your kids. Treat yourself to a drink and reward your kids with snacks during the day. Once you have the last box unpacked you can then begin to fully enjoy your new house.


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