Tips for packing & Moving Artwork

As professionals in the moving industry with years of experience, we have a number of tips and tricks up our sleeve when it comes to moving your valuable items with ease including your artwork.

When artwork is involved it is essential to pack the items carefully as to avoid damage. Below are the tips that we recommend for packing and moving artwork seamlessly.

Tip #. 1

Prior to Moving day inform us of any high value artwork, either sentimental or of financial value. By alerting your moving team ahead of time of any extraordinary items they can make sure to take the correct packing materials needed to complete the move. When possible offer the dimensions of the large artwork so the team will have an understanding of the task in advance. However smaller picture frames can be packed into boxes as long as they are properly packed with paper/padding.

Tip #.2

For artwork small enough to fit into boxes, they should be packed with adequate cushioning above and below the piece and should always be stood upright on the short edges. When packing multiple picture frames of a similar size it is beneficial to use one box as this will save space and it will help to keep the cost of the job down. Similarly with picture frames of diverse sizes pack the larger ones first then the smaller items.

TiImage result for unpacking boxesp #.3

Eliminate the use of bubble wrap when it involves packing picture frames. While the bubble wrap can be helpful itself, the mover may need to inspect the artwork to see if there are any pre-existing damages before the move can commence. This creates more work for the moving team which may result in the job taking longer to complete than scheduled.

Tip #.4

Align your frames properly to avoid damage. The frames should be packed with the fronts facing each other. This will also mean the backs will be facing each other as well when loading multiple frames into the one box. Most damage causing hardware on frames is generally located on the back of the frame so by aligning them in this way you are minimizing the risk of your belongings being damaged.

For any additional questions feel free to call us on (415) 407-4169 and we will guide you in the right direction during your packing process. Best of luck!

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