Final Walk Through

Once your boxes, furniture and other items are out of your old house and loaded onto the truck by our professional movers, you may want to keep the process going by starting the trip to your new destination to keep the momentum going. However there’s one last thing that you need to remember. A final walk through to make sure that the movers have taken everything that you wanted and also to make sure that the house is left clean and free from damage. Lets look at how to conduct a final walk through without throwing off your moving day schedule.
Why is a final walk through Important?
There are 3 major reasons why you should set aside time to do this:
  • Making sure you take everything with you:
The last thing you want to do is leave behind an important box or other belongings as your new destination may be a long distance away and having to travel back would be time consuming as you could be using this time to unpack. Double checking that everything gets on the truck is very important and will help avoid headaches and panic later on.
  • Assessing the state of your home before you leave:
Minor wear and tear might not be a big problem if you own the old home and have sold it. However major damage that won’t go unnoticed during the move process can cause some implications or at least a strong negative reaction from the new home owners. If you’re moving out of a rental property, even minor concerns like forgetting to clean the oven or leaving a scuff mark on the wall may result in you losing money on your deposit. If you can quickly resolve these issues you may end up saving money.
  • Ensuring the property is safe in the interim:
Your old house or apartment may sit empty for a period of time before the next homeowners or renters move in.You want to make sure that people who aren’t supposed to be there, as well as animals and elements, don’t make their way inside.
How do I make my final walk through Successful
One of the most important things to keep in mind in the context of a walk through is giving yourself enough time on moving day to complete it in a thoughtful and thorough way. You’ll have to make an individual judgement based on the size of your home, so take a few moments to think it through and then block off the appropriate amount of time on your moving-day schedule. If you’re worried about repairing last minute damages, especially if you’re a renter, consider keeping a toolbox, paint and supplies nearby in the event of an accident.
You will need to inspect every room carefully from the floor to the ceiling and the walls. You will also need to check that all windows and doors are locked and secured as well as making sure nothing has been left behind. Pay particular attention to hallways and door frames, as these can be easily chipped and damaged. Of course if you work with professional movers and packers you can minimize your risk of damages as well as giving yourself more time to handle important tasks like an important walk through. To learn more about how Corrib Moving & Storage can assist you as you move on get in touch with us today at (415) 282-6683.