These days, folks are living busy and complicated lives.  Whatever your situation, hiring a moving company takes less time than it would to move your belongings yourself, and more importantly, alleviates the stress of moving.  Rather than having to ask your friends and family to spend their precious spare time helping you move, you can throw a housewarming party to welcome everyone to your new home instead!  Additionally, we are trained in moving high-end, precious belongings, art pieces, and any other unique possessions, so you don’t have to worry.

Q: Is your moving company licensed and insured?

A: Yes – we are fully licensed (CAL-T 190277), and insured.

Q: Will my belongings be insured during the move?

A: We provide standard insurance required by our insurance company for all items, which is included in the cost of your move. Most of our customers find standard insurance sufficient. Additional insurance is available and preferred by owners of high-end items – please call our office for details at 415-282-MOVE (6683).


Q: Why should I hire a professional Mover?

A: Hiring a professional mover delivers exceptional value on a day that can otherwise be stressful and frustrating. Moving can be both emotionally and physically draining and handling delicate, bulky or heavy items with care requires specific moving skills. We highly recommend turning to professionals for this, as you would for many of your household needs such as plumbers and electricians.

With over 13 years experience in this field as a local moving company we have tackled moves of every size and complexity. We treat every move with the personal care you would expect from friends and family. Click here to request a free moving estimate or call us on (415) 282-6683.

Q: How do you price your jobs? Do you charge more for unusually large or heavy items or for long, windy staircases?

A: We charge by the hour, and only by the hour. We send two or three man crews (and sometimes more!), depending on the size of your move and adhere to reasonable, competitive rates. Our services are superior, our reputation is stellar, and we work for you. Our reputation is built on your satisfaction.

Q: How do you estimate the cost of my move?

A: Generally, the cost of the move is estimated over the phone or through an in person estimate at your home. Corrib Moving’s owner, Kevin, is very hands-on, so you will most likely speak to him when organizing your move. He has many years of experience and routinely provides accurate estimates over the phone or via email if you provide detailed and reasonably accurate information. However, he can also estimate your move in person if requested or necessary.

Q: Will the movers arrive on time?

A: We understand you may have to take time off work to move so we accommodate your schedule. We allow for an arrival time (half an hour for early morning moves, and two hours for mid-afternoon) and communicate with you during the entire process – as soon as we know exactly what time we will arrive we will let you know. Once you have booked with us we will not let you down. Our window allows for traffic and other unforeseen issues.

Q: Do you have full-time workers or do you hire temporary or day laborers?

A: We only employ regular, full-time crew. We screen and train our employees very carefully as they are the backbone of this business. We take pride in running the tightest, best crew possible.

Q: Do the movers work fast?

A: YES! We do the quickest and safest job possible, no questions asked. We take extreme care with your valuable items. In fact, you will be surprised at the rate our crews work at – running up and down stairs and packing trucks is what we do every day and we are good at it!

Q: What types of payments do you take? Do you require a deposit in advance?

A: We accept cash, checks and credit cards. No, we do not require a deposit.

Q: How do I book a move with Corrib?

A: You can request a free quote by visiting our Free Estimate page and emailing us with the information we request (for maximum efficiency and closest quote, please be prepared to provide us with as much detailed information as possible). We try our best to accommodate all requests – please be advised that we tend to be busiest at the end of the month, so advance bookings are preferred. We will refer you to alternate, reputable moving companies if we cannot meet your needs.


We take ultimate care and respect your belongings. Our employees are trained, diligent and come highly recommended. Ask us for referrals. We have moved everything from studios, mansions, single family homes, small businesses, and large corporations.


We are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. Moving your belongings is a personal process and we want to make the experience as smooth as possible.