Kellie O.

It’s been a few weeks since Corrib helped me with one of the most difficult months of my life due to moving. In fact both my boyfriend and I were stressed out about the move, but the pros at Corrib quickly put us at ease and earned our trust within the first 15 minutes. They had great attitudes, worked quickly, and took the utmost care of our furniture during the entire process. In fact, they were so efficient that they went under the estimated time/cost.

I also appreciated the fact that the guys at Corrib was mindful of all the tedious moving rules that came with my new apartment building. They were so professional about everything that the building staff thanked me afterward for hiring good movers. I have to give Corrib credit for starting off the relationships at my new home on a positive note!

Honestly, I hope that I don’t have to move again anytime soon, but if I had to do it again, Corrib would be the first to call on my list. I’ve already spread the word about these guys to friends who may be in the market to move. It’s the least I can do as a ‘thank you.’

Jessica A.

These guys are awesome. Before you move, they return your calls or emails almost immediately and answer any questions, however weird you think them.

This move was my second time using them. The first time, I barely owned anything.  This time we had a ton of stuff. We also had dog hair everywhere, a two hour drive, a stop at a storage unit, and 3 flights of stairs.

Bob and Ian were amazing. Not only did they move all our stuff with ease and without complaining, but they made us laugh a bunch of times during the day.

On top of all this, it cost less than the estimate. Use these guys, you won’t regret it.

Molly P.

Now I understand all the rave reviews.  I was a bit suspicious when doing my research, and I put a LOT of time and effort into selecting a moving company – and I’m so glad I chose Corrib.  Ultimately I felt Corrib offered both experience and value. I couldn’t be happier with Corrib.

The leader of our moving team was Seamus – friendly, extremely hardworking, patient, and really nice.  When my dad was falling asleep in a folding chair, Seamus went to the trouble of unwrapping an easy chair and ottoman so that my dad could take a nap.  I was extremely impressed by that thoughtfulness.  The movers really appreciated the pizza we ordered for them, and they were careful about handling everything.  They didn’t bang into walls/doorways, and nothing broke because of their handling.  I should also  mention that I have an upright piano and Corrib moved it without any issues whatsoever.  TWO THUMBS UP.  Terrific movers. Save yourself all the research I did, and just go with Corrib!

Craig G., San Francisco, CA

I’ve had the unfortunate displeasure of having to move 2 times in the past year. I have a lot of furniture, some of it antique and so I started off the first move by calling a big name moving company. They came over, gave me an estimate, and when the time came to schedule the move – they were not available anywhere near the date I needed. What a waste that was.

Called Corrib next after reading reviews here, and from the start everything was smooth. Called Kevin and was able to pick the date and time of my move. The ability to choose date/time in itself is VERY important as most people are juggling two residences when they move so time is of the essence.

The boys came as scheduled and worked their asses off. They wrapped up any furniture that might break or scratch, took care in packing the truck, and put my items wherever I needed in the new house. Both moves – and not a SINGLE thing broken. Charlie in particular is very impressive – had him as “crew-chief” for both moves. I’ve never seen a guy his size lift so much – wow! Request him. Also, they can be very creative in moving big items through small staircases or whatever – it’s obvious they have done this before!

All in all, Corrib is very reliable at a time when you are probably all stressed out. They work hard and are careful. What more do you really need from a mover?

Rates are reasonable too. 3 men at $150/hr, plus 30min drive time, plus $20 gas charge. I added generous gratuity for each guy on top of that and it was still relatively inexpensive. They have my future business for as long as they are in business themselves.

Wendy M., San Francisco, CA

These guys were fantastic! We had such an easy move with them. Professional, cheery, fun and efficient. I got an estimate the same day I called and it was accurate. They packed us up the day before and came the next morning to move us. Everything was very smooth. The most wonderful thing was that they moved our toddler’s room first thing in the morning, making a special trip to the new house just to do this, so that he could still have his nap on moving day in his own crib!! As a mom, you know how golden that is. A rested baby on moving day is priceless. Thanks to these guys, that’s what happened. HIGHLY recommended!!

Ben H., Campbell, CA

These guys are THE professionals in town to call. I hate, hate, hate moving. Did I say ‘hate’!?!? Corrib Moving were ontime and did a quick but thorough job with my boxes and furniture. I have used a few other moving companies in the SF area and have been most impressed with these guys. If you are looking for good movers I would recommend calling Corrib. Their prices are reasonable too.

Keith G., San Francisco, CA

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. These guys are amazing. I read the reviews here at Yelp before hiring Corrib, so we had pretty high expectations. And, after having moved here in the city with at least five other moving companies in the past, I must say that these guys are worth every penny and every 5 star rating they get on this site.

Moving is a grueling job, but our crew were nice, they showed up on time, they cared, and they took their time when we asked them to to do so. Secondly, they were stronger than hell and performed like true professionals — we had some super heavy stuff which they handled without a hitch. And, finally, the price was right. No hidden charges. No fees for stairs. No payment beyond what we discussed. We loved Corrib and will use them every single time from here on it.

Howie D., San Francisco, CA

After reading the yelp reviews I’ve used Corrib twice now. The first was for a smaller, furniture only move and the second was a larger, more complicated full pack, partial move and partial storage. The crew is incredibly nice, respectful, efficient and seem to have a real understanding of how unsettling moving can be. Plus two of them are huge Morrissey fans–how can you go wrong?!

David R., San Francisco, CA

Corrib delivered again. Called ’em on Wednesday, they had our office moved on Saturday, on time, on budget and with no hassle whatsoever. Thanks Corrib!

Michele C., San Francisco, CA

I found Corrib through Yelp and also through a friend that used them. They were fantastic – very careful with our things and reasonably priced. They even gave me free boxes beforehand when I drove to their warehouse near China basin. I had to cancel at the last minute due to a family emergency, and they squeezed me in the following Saturday even though they typically book up on Saturdays weeks in advance. Great job. Would definitely use them again. Thank you, Corrib!