Making Sure You And Your Family Stay Safe As You Move House

At Corrib Moving & Storage we take all the necessary precautions into account until the last box is unloaded. With all of the effort that goes into getting to moving day, you might be tempted to work as quickly as possible so you can finally start getting situated in your new home. However, the physical labor needed to get belongings from your old house to your new one can be full of potential dangers if you don’t plan and act carefully. Let’s look at how to stay safe as you move.

Give yourself plenty of time, from start to finish

Moving days are often long and exhausting, although the payoff is exceptional. When you’re considering rushing through key activities to save time, you can create more dangerous conditions for yourself, your family and your home. Moving too fast, whether it’s pushing past the speed limit while driving your car or a moving truck, or hurrying to bring boxes and furniture into your new house, simply creates more risks. The last thing you want is to slip, trip or fall and hurt yourself (and potentially break a valuable item). To avoid the temptation to rush, schedule a plan that builds in plenty of time, accounting for traffic as well as unloading boxes, furniture, electronics and other possessions.


Dress well to stay comfortable and safe

You’ll want to make two major considerations in terms of your clothing when it’s time to move:

Wear seasonally appropriate clothes that will help you keep your body temperature regulated – and make you feel more comfortable – as you engage in physical labor and repeatedly go from indoors to outdoors. Use shoes or boots with a strong gripping tread and, if possible, a cap or additional protection on the toe to prevent harm from dropping items and the many other hazards that come with moving.

If you’re moving in wintertime consider wearing layers that can be easily added and shed as you build up body heat from the work involved.

If you have a summertime move on your hands, wear light, breathable fabrics and use sunscreen – and potentially lightweight pants and long-sleeved shirts – to protect against the sun.

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Have a plan for your kids

There’s a lot of commotion on moving day, which can put small children at risk if they don’t have a safe place to stay while adults carry heavy boxes and trek all throughout the house. While teens can likely chip in with just a little supervision, you need to plan around the safety of younger children. Bring along a few games, toys or activities and designate a room or area where they’re easily observed and out of the way of possible danger.

Leave the hard work to the professional movers and packers

Working with a dependable moving company means letting experienced pros handle the many potential risks that come with moving, from driving the moving truck to unloading heavy items.


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