Molly P.

Now I understand all the rave reviews.  I was a bit suspicious when doing my research, and I put a LOT of time and effort into selecting a moving company – and I’m so glad I chose Corrib.  Ultimately I felt Corrib offered both experience and value. I couldn’t be happier with Corrib.

The leader of our moving team was Seamus – friendly, extremely hardworking, patient, and really nice.  When my dad was falling asleep in a folding chair, Seamus went to the trouble of unwrapping an easy chair and ottoman so that my dad could take a nap.  I was extremely impressed by that thoughtfulness.  The movers really appreciated the pizza we ordered for them, and they were careful about handling everything.  They didn’t bang into walls/doorways, and nothing broke because of their handling.  I should also  mention that I have an upright piano and Corrib moved it without any issues whatsoever.  TWO THUMBS UP.  Terrific movers. Save yourself all the research I did, and just go with Corrib!